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Dear Sirs and Madams!

Welcome to our site. We hope that the offered information as well as possible cooperation with us will be of use and efficiency for you.
The recruiting "Agency Profil" is a specialized company dealing with the applications of the leading Russian and foreign firms.

General director
"Agency Profil" Ltd.
Academician of the Academy of the Military Sciences,
Doctor of Historical Sciences

Tsarkov V.A.

"We are good at staff recruitment!""

General lines of our activity:

Executive Search

Staff recruitment

"Agency Profil" has got all the opportunities to fulfil applications of any level.

well-trained team of experts-specialists in staff recruitment aimed at a final result - filling a vacancy
deep knowledge of a labor market and a wide range of professional contacts in business, industrial, scientific and educational circles as well as in power structures of Russia
up-to-date technology of work using "know-how" elements and special modes of searching the applicants
the largest in Moscow data base of applicants running to over 2 mln. people and including various highly qualified specialists
a wide regional net, therefore the staff can be recruited in any region of Russia

Within the last years our company has become one of the acknowledged leaders of recruitment in Russia and continues to develop rapidly:

- 90% of the applicants that we recommend are invited by the client to take part in a personal interview;

- as a rule, 3-5 applicants are enough to fill a vacancy;

- 95% of the applicants who have been employed due to our reference undergo probation successfully and continue to work in the companies.

Our clients work in different sectors of the economy and business:
Accentuate, AIG RUSSIA, ASTA MEDICA, Bayer AGFA, DELL, DaimlerChrysler Services (debis) Leasing Avtomobili, Du Pont, IBS, IMC, MAZDA, MERCEDES-BENZ, MITSUBISHI, Ost-West Allianz, Panasonic, Procter and Gamble, Peja-Export, PHONE-POULENC, R-Style, SCALA, Sony, SIEMENS, SUN Brewing, Toshiba Alfa-Tsement, AMES, Askor, Veleda, Ost-European insurance agency, Vremja, Gedeon Richter, Geopolis, Gutta, Koleso (Wheel), Micom, Norilsky nickel, Pan Sportsman, Passport International, Peter, Reiter, RosInter, SDS Chai (Tea), Siberian aluminium, SITES, SOBI, STEAKO and others.
In case of need you'll be provided with appropriate references. Some of them can be found in the section "Clients about our work".

The cost of our services is defined at an initial stage of cooperation and depends on the demands put forward to our specialists. It averages 15-25% from the annual income of a specialist. Other compromise solutions are possible (a progress payment, mutual offsets and others).
Thus we offer services on recruiting highly qualified staff at moderate prices. Some of our clients who are in constant demand for staff are on subscription services.
If within a probation period you'll find out that the specialist recommended by us does not meet your requirements we commit ourselves to recruit another applicant at no charge to you.

Some principles:

the agency tries to establish a long-term cooperation with its clients;

· we treat every applied specialist with respect and You will be favorably impressed by our amicable attitude to you;

all the information we get from the clients and applicants is regarded as confidential.

We are ready to answer all your questions if you contact us or come to our office to discuss them.
On your accord the experts of the firm can find you at the indicated address to conduct talks.
At any stage of cooperation you have an opportunity to receive a report as well as to contact General director personally.
And the last thing to be noted: we are people keen on recruitment, we like our job and are competent in it, and we work with all the efficiency we can and assess the results of our activity not only by the size of the fee received.
"We are good at staff recruitment!""